About eDrumHub

eDrumHub was founded in 2022 by Seb Atkinson, a drummer since 2004 and eDrummer as of 2008.

eDrumHub was founded to share news and information about electronic drums. We help drummers who either cannot justify using an acoustic drum kit at home for practice, or are interested in electronic drums for their specific benefits over acoustic drums.

Whether you’re looking for an electronic drum kit as a practice tool, a way to record drums without the hassle of miking up an acoustic kit, or to augment your live set-up, you’ll find tips and guides to help right here at eDrumHub.

About the founder

Seb Atkinson has been a drummer since 2004 and over the years has played in several bands, including three originals acts and most recently, a rock and pop covers band.

He first dabbled with electronic drums in 2008 as a practice tool, when he moved into a shared house and needed to practice without disturbing the neighbours.

Seb explored the potential of using eDrums, and his eKit became a crucial tool for recording his band’s latest album, tracking drums via MIDI and a VST drum library, cutting down on expensive studio time.

Since then he has built his own DIY Acoustic-to-Electric converted drum kit and tested a range of eDrum equipment over the years.

These days Seb uses both acoustic and electronic drums regularly and seeks to compare these two types of drums objectively, realising that each has different pros and cons and are suitable for different applications.

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