Does EZdrummer work on iPad?

Is EZdrummer 3 available on iPad? We discuss if Toontrack will ever release their drum library product on Apple’s tablet computer

Is there an iPad version of EZdrummer? Unfortunately not, Toontrack does not offer EZdrummer 3, or Superior Drummer 3 for that matter, for the iPad.

An iPad version of EZdrummer is actually something that the Toontrack community has been asking for since 2013, and ten years on, it has still failed to materialise. Toontrack does not comment on future product releases, so below, we consider whether we might ever see an iPad version of their entry-level drum library in this article.

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Why would an iPad version of EZdrummer be awesome?

If Toontrack released an iPad version of EZdrummer, I’d buy it immediately. Currently, my eDrum kit is hooked up to my PC running Superior Drummer, however, I’d prefer to have my kit untethered from it for a couple of reasons:


I play my acoustic drums live, but in many venues, it can be more convenient to use eDrums live due to volume restrictions and easier set-up. Lugging my desktop PC to the gig isn’t really viable, and my laptop takes up a lot of extra space as it would need its own table or stand. This isn’t always feasible when playing on small stages.

Instead, there are already plenty of iPad mounts that work with drum stands and racks, which take up minimal space. I would love to have an iPad mounted to my hi-hat stand, allowing my rig to be managed from the stage without any additional floor space required.

Touch control

EZdrummer on the iPad could also be good due to the touch interface. Even at home in my drum studio, if I wanted to control EZdrummer from my drum throne I’d need a keyboard and mouse in close proximity, or a stand for a laptop, which both take up space. Again, an iPad takes up much less space and is perfectly fine for switching kits and instruments.

The result is that a drum module plus iPad combo could effectively be an alternative to a Pearl Mimic Pro, which also has a touch screen-based interface. The drum module + iPad set up could be more functional too, since you’d also be able to display sheet music on the iPad, or potentially even record your entire band right from your drum stool with a suitable audio interface.

Is an iPad version of EZdrummer likely to be released?

An iPad version of EZdrummer makes more sense now than it did when the Toontrack community began asking for one ten years ago, due to the increased power and storage offered by modern iPads.

iPads historically had very small storage chips, starting at 16 GB, and until recently some base models only had around 32 GB of storage space. This does not leave much room for storing multiple drum libraries. Meanwhile, iPad CPUs were not much more powerful than iPhones of the same generation.

But since the launch of the Apple M1 chip, mid- and high-end iPads have actually used the same CPUs as the MacBook Air, as well as sporting up to 1TB of storage space. With the latest iPads essentially being MacBook Airs without a keyboard and using iOS instead of MacOS, the question is – could music software like EZdrummer make its way to the iPad?

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One potential blocker is the fact that there are fewer iPads being sold than laptops and desktops. While it is true that Apple’s revenue from iPad sales is almost equal to Mac sales, according to Business of Apps, this of course doesn’t include sales of Windows devices.

The result is that Toontrack, the makers of EZdrummer, may see the iPad platform as not being large enough to warrant a tablet version of EZdrummer. It is also possible that many Mac owners also own an iPad, and so an iPad version of the app may not lead to increased sales unless Toontrack breaks with precedent and charges separately for the iPad version.

The potential lack of a market on the iPad is therefore the biggest blocker for EZdrummer coming to the iPad. Porting the software to the iPad may not be as simple as creating Mac and PC versions, since the user interface may need modification to work with a touch interface, as well as meeting requirements set by Apple for being able to list the product in the App Store. And if Toontrack decided to sell the iPad version separately, Apple would also take a 30% cut of sales.

Wrapping up: Could things change?

Apple has recently launched Logic Pro for iPad, the first time the professional Digital Audio Workstation has been available outside of the Mac. Crucially, the new app supports Audio Unit Extensions, which is Apple’s version of VST plugins.

Logic Pro for iPad therefore provides a potential user base of audio producers on the iPad and a means for EZdrummer to be integrated into the Logic Pro for iPad ecosystem. If Logic Pro becomes popular on the iPad, then there is the chance that Toontrack may decide there is a bigger upside to porting EZdrummer to the iPad.
Do you want to see EZdrummer or Superior Drummer on the iPad? Would you consider using an iPad for audio production? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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