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Which electronic drum modules support Bluetooth?

Looking for an electronic drum kit with Bluetooth support? Check which eDrums have Bluetooth and find out what you can do with this feature

Electronic drum kit manufacturers are slowly catching up with the times and adding Bluetooth support to their drum modules – a much-needed addition for drummers wanting to play along to music via their smartphone, but stuck due to the lack of headphone jack on most modern devices. Below, we’ll explore which electronic drums support Bluetooth, and what you can do if you want Bluetooth support but don’t want to buy a new drum module.

Do electronic drum sets have Bluetooth?

The vast majority of electronic drums do not have Bluetooth, but support is slowly being added to newer drum kits, most notably from Roland. Currently, only Roland, Yamaha and EFnote sell eDrums that have Bluetooth, while Alesis and ATV have no drum modules that support it.

What can you do with Bluetooth on electronic drums?

Bluetooth-equipped electronic drum modules allow you to play along to songs via Bluetooth on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Additionally, some modules allow for MIDI in/out, which can be used for recording your playing (though not suitable for triggering a VST instrument live)

It is important to note that even if you have a Bluetooth-equipped drum kit, you cannot use Bluetooth headphones, which is due to the excessive latency that makes it almost impossible to play in time. Find out more in our guide – can you use Bluetooth headphones with electronic drums?

Electronic drums that support Bluetooth

Below is a list of all the electronic drums on the market that have Bluetooth support. We’ll update this in time with any new kits that add Bluetooth support. If you come across a drum module that has Bluetooth but is not listed here, let us know in the comments and we’ll update the post!




  • EFnote 7 (audio in, MIDI in/out)
  • EFnote 5 (audio in, MIDI in/out)
  • EFnote 3 (audio in, MIDI in/out)

Do Alesis drums support Bluetooth?

There are currently no Alesis drum kits that support Bluetooth. We’ll update this article if that changes! If you want to add Bluetooth to your Alesis kit, you’ll need to use an external Bluetooth receiver. Scroll down to find out how!

Do ATV drums support Bluetooth?

There are currently no ATV drum modules that support Bluetooth. We’ll update this article if that changes! If you want to add Bluetooth to your aD5 module, scroll down to find out how by using a Bluetooth receiver.

How to add Bluetooth audio-in to your electronic drums

If you already have an electronic drum kit and wish it had Bluetooth, don’t worry! It’s very cost-effective to add this by using your kit’s existing mix-in port and a Bluetooth receiver.

A Bluetooth receiver can be connected to your smartphone and acts a bit like a Bluetooth speaker, the only difference being instead of having a speaker itself, the audio is output to an audio jack. Simply plug this into the mix-in port on your module and you’re good to go!

You can find Bluetooth receivers at Here are two cost-effective options to consider, each with at least a 4.5-star rating:

Esinkin Bluetooth Adaptor for Sound Systems

A photo of the Esinkin Bluetooth adaptor, which can be used to add Bluetooth support to an electronic drum kit

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This adaptor is among the most popular on Amazon with over 38,000 ratings. As well as featuring a 3.5mm aux jack, the unit also has RCA jacks for connecting to a stereo. The adaptor doesn’t have a built-in battery so you’ll need to power it via the included USB cable, however, this means you’ll never need to worry about charging it up.

UGREEN USB Battery-Powered Bluetooth Receiver

A photo of the UGREEN Bluetooth adaptor, which can be used to add Bluetooth support to an electronic drum kit

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If you want to avoid using an extra power lead and aren’t bothered about relying on a battery, then the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 adaptor is a good option. While it’s primarily designed for use in the car, it is very compact and plugs directly into your module’s 3.5mm aux jack. It has an extended plug which can help improve physical compatibility with some drum modules where the ports can be recessed. Battery life while in use is rated at 15 hours and as much as 200 hours on standby, and can be fully charged in 2 hours via USB-C.

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