Can you get EZdrummer 3 for Free?

Looking for a free version of EZdrummer 3? We explore how to get EZdrummer for Mac or PC

EZdrummer 3 is essentially a simplified version of Superior Drummer 3, one of our favourite pro-level VST drum libraries. EZdrummer 3 is more suited to hobbyists, who just want real-sounding drum samples for use with their electronic drum kit, without wanting to mess around with EQ, signal chains and effects. But what’s the most affordable way to get EZdrummer 3? We find out below.

If you’re new to EZdrummer 3, read our guide on how to use EZdrummer with electronic drums to learn how to use it to replace your drum module’s built-in sounds with real drum samples, or check out our full EZdrummer 3 review!

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Is there a free version of EZdrummer 3?

There is no free version of EZdrummer 3. However, if you are on the fence about buying EZdrummer 3, Toontrack offers a 10-day trial version.

To start a 10-day trial:

  1. Download and install the free Toontrack Product Manager software
  2. Launch Product Manager and create a free Toontrack account
  3. Download and install the EZdrummer 3 free trial and Core Library within Product Manager
  4. Activate the 10-day trial when you launch EZdrummer 3 for the first time

Start your free trial here.

If you already own EZdrummer 2, you may wonder if you can upgrade to EZdrummer 3. You can, but unfortunately doing so is not free. That’s because Toontrack, the developers of EZdrummer, consider EZdrummer 3 a completely new piece of software instead of an update to the older version.

Fortunately, there is a reduced-priced updated license available for owners of EZdrummer 2, costing €89 instead of €165. The actual software is exactly the same as the full-price version of EZdrummer 3, it’s just at a cheaper price for existing EZdrummer owners.

What’s the cheapest way to buy EZdrummer 3?

The Toontrack website isn’t the only way to buy EZdrummer 3, it is also available from various music stores, which can sometimes be cheaper. If you want to pick up EZdrummer 3 for the best price, it’s a good idea to shop around.

Here are a few sites to check if you’re looking for a cheap copy of EZdrummer 3 (Each link will take you to a product category or listing page):

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Should you upgrade to EZdrummer 3 if you already have EZdrummer 2?

Deciding whether to upgrade depends on whether you are likely to use the new features available in EZdrummer 3. If you tend to buy EZX upgrade packs, then you might consider upgrading too. Although EXZ packs released after the launch of EZdrummer 3 still support EZdrummer 2, it is possible that future packs might not support the older version.

If you are thinking about upgrading, be aware that Toontrack might at some point withdraw the special upgrade pricing. This is what they did for Superior Drummer 3 after it had been out for a while. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to subscribe to their email newsletter, as they are likely to announce any changes to the pricing there.

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By Seb Atkinson

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